Residential artificial grass Evergreen bring you a clean and beautiful home garden. This model can be used for garden, rooftop and landscape.


One of the most natural looking artificial lawns on the marketIt is consisting of a two tone green polyethylene monofilament with a tan twisted root zone.


C-shaped blades / fibers artificial grass, specially designed for garden and playground The unique fiber shape is inspired by nature.

Football Artificial Grass-F50

If you want to construct a high performance football or soccer field and keep the low cost, football artificial grass F50 is the best choice.

Football Grass-Backbone

Specially designed for football and soccer fields. There is a ’backbone‘ on both sides of the fiber, which can strengthen the fiber and make the football artificial grass system more durable.

Tennis Grass F12

Professional lever tennis artificial grass, 12mm pile height, high stitch density, sand-filled type tennis artificial grass to build a tennis courts with a medium game speed.