Artificial grass/plants has many benefits for home, commercial or sports use.

1. Low Maintenance

There’s no doubt that cutting grass is one of the world’s most boring tasks. And in the height of the summer you need to deal with it every week. And then there’s the fertilising, the watering (remember those droughts) and if you have pets, the cleaning! With artificial grass most of those problems go away – no cutting, no fertilising, no watering… and if you want to remove anything left-over from the pet, you can just quickly wash it away with a hose.

2. Always Beautiful

An artificial grass & plants always looks great. Our premium products ranges are highly realistic in look and touch, and they don’t develop brown patches where the sun has been blocked by a building or tree, or where the rain doesn’t reach. And it’s perfect for indoor use where you have neither!

3. Safe

Not only is artificial grass more hygienic than normal grass, it’s also much safer for kids. If you have play equipment, you want to be sure that if they fall from a climbing frame that they have as much protection as possible. Our premium underlay protects critical falls from up to 1.3M.

4. Mud Free

Every mother knows the pain of kids (and pets) running into the house and leaving mud all over the floor because the grass is wet, over-used and has turned into a mud patch. Artificial grass prevents this all year round.

5. Perfect for Sports

More and more sports facilities are moving to artificial grass to take advantage of many of the factors above – but also because it’s tough enough to withstand the pounding of rugby players, footballers, hockey sticks and tennis matches.